50 Dangerous Things: 21

Number 21: Spend an Hour Blindfolded

This one came about while the boys were waiting for dessert one evening over the weekend. I’d been in the kitchen, and came out to find Tiny with a tea towel wrapped around his eyes, with Tall leading him around the lounge asking him to guess where he was.

He was giggling and I was surprised to see him so comfortable without his sight; he’s not a kid who panics easily, but he does have a tendency to want to watch someone else do something before he gives it a try.

50 Dangerous Things: 21 50 Dangerous Things: 21Back at the table, he ate his meringue and ice cream blindfolded, and we played a game of Guess the Fruit as well. It was interesting to see him instinctively searching for the edge of his bowl with one hand, with his other resting on the mat right beside it. After dessert, all three of my boys played a game of Guess the Toy, followed by Guess the Schleich Animal which Tiny was very good at.

Tiny’s thoughts:
“It was dark, but I wasn’t scared.”
“It was easy guessing the animals but [Pickle] kept telling me the answer which was silly.”
“I liked following the sound of your voice [from the lounge into the dining room].”

He didn’t spend an entire hour blindfolded, but we’re ticking this one off anyway.

50 Dangerous Things: 21 Spend an Hour Blindfolded – DONE

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