Hi. Welcome to my bloggy adventures. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

In my very first post, I outlined a few random things you should probably know about me; you can read those here.

Short, Pickle, Tall & Tiny 2014I’m wife to Tall (my rock), and mama to our gorgeous boys Tiny (5) and Pickle (3). These three boys keep me on my toes; I’m learning to buy more milk than I think we’ll need, and to check the toilet seat before sitting down.

I’m an avid reader, an enthusiastic cook and a pretty good baker. I like doing yoga and, after years of procrastinating, I’m finally getting my running mojo back. I love to write lists and rearrange furniture, and the thought of decluttering sends me into giddy spins of excitement. I love to travel and go on adventures, and I’m always thinking about “where to?” next.



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