50 Dangerous Things: 28

Number 28: Climb a Tree

Tiny’s nine-year-old cousin is a bit of a monkey when it comes to trees; if she can climb it, she’s up it. Her enthusiasm for tree climbing encouraged Tiny to give this one a go (with a bit of Daddy-help), twice! I missed it both times, sadly, so you’ll have to make do with these photos:

Christmas 2014 50 Dangerous Things 50 Dangerous ThingsThe first tree Tiny “climbed” was at Woodhaugh Gardens; it was big and wide, with a thick trunk and plenty of low branches to balance on. The second was at Lake Wanaka, on the lake shore.

Both times, Tiny was nervous but keen to try. The first time, I don’t think he actually climbed the tried (he may have been put up it), but the second time, he climbed a wee way before feeling a little scared.

He told me it was “a little bit tricky” and that he couldn’t reach the “best climbing bits”, but he was very proud of himself nonetheless.

50 Dangerous Things: 28 Climb a Tree – DONE

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