50 Dangerous Things: 01

We’re starting off the new year living dangerously, encouraging our kids to do things they probably shouldn’t be encouraged to do. Luckily, at the ages of four-and-three-quarters, and two-and-a-half, their knowledge of “danger” means that both Tiny and Pickle are easily kept on the straight-and-narrow right now, and think that the concept of doing “dangerous things” is a little bit scary, a smidgen naughty, and pretty darn awesome.

Our boys don’t own their own tablets, mobile phones or televisions, and they know that watching cartoons or playing games are a real treat, but it’s still important to me that they are encouraged to investigate the big, wide world around them as much as possible. I love the concept of this book, and I know my family is going to have a lot of fun working its way through all 50 tasks.

50 Dangerous ThingsNumber 01: Lick a 9-volt Battery

Simple. No special equipment required, other than a spare smoke alarm battery, and two excited little boys.

I read the instructions to my wee men, and they couldn’t wait to give it a go…although Tiny insisted I go first to make sure it didn’t hurt. When I said it tingled, he decided it was safe to try, and then we were off on a battery licking marathon.50 Dangerous Things: 01 50 Dangerous Things: 01 50 Dangerous Things: 01 50 Dangerous Things: 01 50 Dangerous Things: 01Pickle didn’t like it. “It hurt,” he told me sadly; he declined second turn.

“It feels like someone is tickling my tongue!” Tiny giggled, demanding to do it again…and again…and again.

50 Dangerous Things: 01 Lick a 9-volt Battery – DONE


12 thoughts on “50 Dangerous Things: 01

  1. That looks very cool….I look forward to seeing what else you get up too…my boy could enjoy something like that if not him I have a heap of adventurous nephews. X

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