50 Dangerous Things: 32

Number 32: Change a Tyre

We’re cheating with this one a little…only a little, because Tiny has helped change a car tyre…it was just in October 2014, before the boys were given this book!

I’d taken the boys to Invercargill while Tall was in Thailand for work, and we visited a friend at her parent’s farm. I must have slashed the tyre whilst driving on the metal access road; two days after we got back to Dunedin, the tyre was completely flat and unable to be repaired.

I purchased a new tyre (ouch!) and Tall said he’d put it on for me. Tiny was eager to help, and so one evening, in his pyjamas and dinosaur robe, he went outside and helped his Daddy change the tyre.

His job was to hold the lug nuts, and to help use the car jack; he made sure Daddy had tightened the lug nuts sufficiently when the new tyre was in place, and kicked the tyre to make sure it was all okay. Job done.

50 Dangerous Things: 32 Change a Tyre – DONE

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