Random Thoughts on Thursday

Swirling around my head right now…

~ I am almost mama to a five-year-old; Tiny will finish kindy at the end of the term and then after the holidays, he’ll be off to school  O.o

~ much of the music played on the cricket transports me back to the days of dance parties in the lounge and 4am stumbles home from the pub…a reeeeaaaaally long time ago

~ I’ve almost been wearing my braces for 12 months and the transformation so far is amazing; I’m still getting used to my transitional bite though

~ my zucchini plants seem to be slowing down, which makes me rather sad; I’ll miss their cheerful yellow blooms and shiny green vegetation

~ vacuuming is pointless when you have kids, because no sooner will you have the house looking semi-presentable, they’ll take off their shoes and empty half the contents of the sandpit onto the carpet. Or you’ll dish up rice or couscous for dinner…


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