50 Dangerous Things: 05

(I just found this post lurking in my Drafts from early 2015. Slack!)

Number 05: Stick Your Hand out the Window

A few days after the aerodynamics lessons of Number 15, Tiny asked if he could stick his hand out the car window. We were driving through town, and the windows were down because it was hot.

We talked a lot about what it felt like, and he had some really interesting things to say about wind and air. He said he was drawing on the air, and found it funny that we couldn’t really do that even though the wind pressure made it feel like he was pushing his hand into something solid.

He moved his hand around, changing the position (vertical vs. horizontal, open vs. closed, fingers spread vs. fingers together) and his own movements (still vs. waving), and we talked briefly about resistance, pressure and lift (I tried to search far, far back to science lessons at school, but…yeah).

It was fun and it opened up a very rudimentary conversation about stuff, but I have no photos because I was driving.

50 Dangerous Things: 05 Stick Your Hand out the Window – DONE

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