50 Dangerous Things: 11

Number 11: Throw Rocks

When we decided to take the boys and their cousins to the Lake Wanaka outlet one windy afternoon, this was the perfect Dangerous Thing to attempt. My boys (in fact, all kida, I’d guess) looooove throwing stones into the water, so adding an extra element was only going to make it even more fun.

The spot we chose to lay our towels just happened to have a pre-made target nearby: someone had created a tiny little pool on the shore of the lake. My seven-year-old nephew decided that it made the perfect target, and a throwing competition commenced.

50 Dangerous Things: 11 50 Dangerous Things: 11 50 Dangerous Things: 11Pickle didn’t want to play; he preferred throwing stones at random. He’s two-and-a-half. Yep.

Tiny thought it was brilliant: “It was easy, but I sometimes missed the target, and then the rock would splash into the water behind the target. But the first time, I hit the target!”

Did he change his throwing technique when this happened? “No…but I tried to point my arm in the direction of the target before I threw with this hand.” (*waving throwing hand*)

50 Dangerous Things: 11 Throw Rocks – DONE

50 Dangerous Things: 01 Lick a 9-Volt Battery


8 thoughts on “50 Dangerous Things: 11

  1. Cute! A great and easily achievable dangerout thing to do! We have just got out the book…..The Dangerous book for boys…the new Zealand edition from the library! Is it the same? I see throwing stones in there two…but also skinning a rabbit!

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