Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ this lady is a wealth of useful information AND she is so willing to share what she knows. She’s lovely.

~ after I posted my woe-is-me post last week, I was surprised to discover that (a) I’m not alone in this winter melancholy, and (b) the people I thought would never-in-a-million-years feel like this, do. So, for anyone out there feeling less-than-enough right now, I am sending you a huge hug of solidarity right now xx

~ after dinner mints rock my world.

~ this lovely lady recently posted a photo of her two youngest gorgies cooking dinner on Instagram. My comment? That Tiny’s repsonse to me asking if he’d like to help cook dinner was, “No, you have to do it, the cooktop is too dangerous for me.” I’m starting to regret that repeated warning!

~ I think I’ve finally made my peace with squats.

~ a few weeks ago, I nailed making hollandaise sauce for Pickle’s birthday brunch with my parents. Because Tall was away, he missed out, so I decided I’d show off and make it again. The first attempt split, and as I was out of eggs, I used the packet I’d had in reserve the first time (it was horrid, simply horrid). The next attempt, a couple of weeks later, failed again. Twice. I despaired. I shrieked like a banshee and threw things around the kitchen.* Then last weekend, when the boys were all out, I tried again. I doubled the recipe (like the first time) and had no small distractions (like the first time), and IT WORKED PERFECTLY. It’s a good thing all the whisking counter-acts all the butter, right?!

* not really, but that would have been therapeutic.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Isn’t that always the way?! I have a friend who calls your experience “the curse of the visitor” when it comes to foodie things! Big hugs for a happy rest of the week and weekend to you too xx

  2. Hollandaise is a tricksy thing! I buy the Kato (I think) one because I almost always fail. I have had some success using a food processor but it needs to be a pretty big quantity. Hope you are keeping warm!

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