Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ my hand beater fizzled mid-butter-and-sugar-creaming and I was forced to finish it the old fashioned way, using a wooden spoon. Instantly, I was transported back to being 11 years old, in Home Economics, where creaming involved a sink of hot water, a stainless steel bowl, and good old elbow grease

~ closing a car boot on your shoulder is not a smart idea (neither is subsequently forgetting a) that you have a bruise on your shoulder, and b) how you obtained said bruise)

~ buying a packet of instant hollandaise sauce just in case you stuff yours up is a sure-fire way to ensure you may THE BEST HOLLANDAISE SAUCE EVER. Everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

~ football has taken over my lounge (as I imagine it has in lounges aaaaaaall over the world…)

~ to make oneself feel less guilty about running out of time to bake one’s youngest child a cake in celebration of their birthday….simply add sprinkles



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