A Favour…

So you know how I’m part of The Sisterhood?

Well, Sophie and The Sisterhood are in the running for the AMP $10,000 Peoples Choice Scholarship, which is awarded to kiwis with “great ideas”. And if you’ve been following along with what we’ve been up to, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that The Sisterhood definitely fits into this category.

Imagine what we could do with $10,000??? Think of all the deserving women who could be loved on, or ninja-cookie-bombed….exciting prospect, right?

So now, I’d like to take the liberty (hey, it’s my blog!) of asking you to take just two seconds to vote for The Sisterhood. The scholarship is under the name Sophie Laughton-Mutu.

More deets can be found on The Sisterhood Facebook page and on Sophie’s blog, Sophie Slim.

Voting closes 30th September, so please please PLEASE head over to the voting page now and show your support.


4 thoughts on “A Favour…

  1. Voted.
    With a call out to my modest number of FB peeps. Hopefully some of them will vote too.
    Have you heard anything about your giftees? (Great work, by the way. Should we call you 007?)

    • Thank you!!
      Two of the people I baked for commented on the Facebook page which was awesome, as did two people I nominated to get baking 🙂 It made it so worthwhile seeing how much it mattered to everyone who received something x

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