Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ since almost losing my engagement ring last year while pregnant with Pickle, I have been wearing it inside my wedding band. I could probably swap them around again, but when I try, it just doesn’t look right anymore. It’s also still loose, and I’m still scared of losing it again.

~ The Sisterhood are having another Ninja Bake! It’s in October, and registrations are now being taken for stealth bakers. Last year’s stealth mission was SO MUCH FUN, and I can’t wait to do it again – why not join me in spreading some deliciously baked love??!

~ for a few weeks, I carried a thank you card around in my nappy bag, intending to drop it off to a friend one afternoon while Pickle slept in the car. It migrated out of my bag, and onto the bench, then onto the mantlepiece because said-friend was coming to visit. Two weeks later…it’s still sitting on the mantlepiece and I’m now wondering if we’ve gone past the point of no return?? It’s for Pickle’s birthday…which was two-and-a-half months ago….

~ when I was little, I once commented (after reading the racing results in the local paper, for some reason) at the breakfast table, “Gee, Quinella and Trifecta win a lot of races, don’t they?” I think I’ll be keeping that one from my racehorse trainer father-in-law!

~ Pickle is finally unswaddled, hurrah!! I tried three or four times unsuccessfully, but a couple of weeks ago, when I tried, he was obviously ready. He’s still a rubbish sleeper, and currently spends the night in bed with us, but we both sleep better when he’s snuggled in beside me. He does, however, hate the sleeping bag, so I’m glad we’re coming into warmer weather.

~ I love spring. My hayfever does not.

~ eating dinner on Tuesday night, Tiny suddenly asked, “Mum, what animal does pineapple come out of?” Tall and I almost choked; out of the mouths of babes, huh?!

~ I’ve been nominated for the Munch Awards Best Kids Food Blog; voting commences 4 October so keep an eye out for the link and vote for me, if you wanna.

Munch Award


A Favour…

So you know how I’m part of The Sisterhood?

Well, Sophie and The Sisterhood are in the running for the AMP $10,000 Peoples Choice Scholarship, which is awarded to kiwis with “great ideas”. And if you’ve been following along with what we’ve been up to, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that The Sisterhood definitely fits into this category.

Imagine what we could do with $10,000??? Think of all the deserving women who could be loved on, or ninja-cookie-bombed….exciting prospect, right?

So now, I’d like to take the liberty (hey, it’s my blog!) of asking you to take just two seconds to vote for The Sisterhood. The scholarship is under the name Sophie Laughton-Mutu.

More deets can be found on The Sisterhood Facebook page and on Sophie’s blog, Sophie Slim.

Voting closes 30th September, so please please PLEASE head over to the voting page now and show your support.


The Sisterhood: Love Bomb Part Two

Ten deserving women.

413* likers on Facebook.

Endless possibilities.

The Sisterhood are at it again!

When the next parcels are delivered to our latest Bombees, the ladies’ reactions might go something like this….

She’ll see the return address and once more check the recipient details, positive that there must have been some kind of mistake.

She’ll open the package with trepidation; she’ll feel slightly confused and more than a little excited.

She’ll see all the goodies inside – chocolates and pretty things and delicious smelly things – and her frown of disbelief will turn into a smile of complete and utter joy.

She’ll find the little envelope with HER name on it, and will open it with an overwhelming sense of “Oh my goodness!!”

She’ll read The Sisterhood poem and her heart will begin to smile.

She might not share your faith or beliefs, but she’ll gratefully accept your prayers, thoughts and blessings in the spirit in which they are given.

And she’ll sit back, with tears on her cheeks, your messages clutched in one hand, and her heart in the other, and she will feel the love that can come only from her unknown Sisters.

I know.

I know, because as a Sister, I sent a little something and many thoughts, in our first ever Love Bomb.

And I know, because somehow, I was the lucky recipient of one of these packages of sunshine sent through the mail.

I am still overwhelmed and so humbled (and thrilled at the timing – the parcel arrived the day we brought Pickle home from the hospital!). Every day when I see that poem and the lovely words, I can’t help but smile and feel loved, supported and spoiled by wonderful women I have never had the privilege to meet.

If you were a fellow Sister who gave something to the Love Bomb Part One, please know that every. single. thing you sent was perfect, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, generous and greatly appreciated.

Sisters – you rock!

*and growing by the minute!

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