Things I’m Loving

When Tiny was about three months old, he smiled a lot for this fella:

Yep, Scooby-Doo.

Scooby would sit on the ledge above the change table, and Tiny would stare at him and smile for as long as his nappy change took. Scooby even got more smiles than myself and Tall at one point.

Then poor old Scoob got relegated to that pile of toys every kid has – you know, the ones that are in favour one week, forgotten about the next.

Two years later, imagine my delighted surprise to discover Tiny playing with his “pup”. They had a great time yesterday, playing with cars and lego, sharing a small piece of chocolate brownie.

Tall was out last night, which meant I was on feeding-baby-getting-toddler-into-bed duty. While Pickle cooperated and slept until 5.30pm, I managed to get Tiny into his pjs by 5.20pm by suggesting he and Scooby could have a pyjama party with a mandarin and some mini marshmallows.

He’s still talking about it this morning, and Scoob sat and had cereal with him at his little table this morning.

Loving rekindled relationships!

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