Things I’m Loving

~ wondering what trouble my suddenly-quiet son must be getting up to in his bedroom, then finding him “reading” his current favourite book (Richard Scarry’s ‘What Do People Do All Day?’).

~ finding Mr Potato Head (this one is ‘Spud Trooper’) in an arrangement that would surely have made Picasso very proud:

~ two nights out with my love in one week, thanks to my wonderful parents. We got to go to Tall’s cricket club quiz night with friends (where we came a respectable 5/15, and won a printer and a case of ginger beer in raffles), and out for a delicious meal to celebrate three years of wedded bliss.

~ making a recipe that required some smashing and bashing with the mortar and pestle – always messy, always tiring, always fun! (It was chicken laksa, in case you were curious)

~ the fun that can be had with one cricket pad, one small boy, and one big boy with an obvious desire to play superheroes:

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4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. It is always a mixed bag with my little one when it goes awfully quiet. Half the time he is doing what your Tiny was, in his room reading, and then I feel bad for doubting him. And then the other half of the time justifies my wariness!

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