Towards the end of this month, our little man will turn two. I am struggling to think where those two years have gone, but I’m pretty sure they’ve been buried under a pile of washing that needs to be folded, nappies that need to be washed, and toys that need to be tidied away. And naps that need to be had (NOW, small child!).

Our little family - August 2010

This means that almost two years ago, we became a proper little family. A little unit – surrounded by loving bigger units – having to find its way in previously-unchartered waters. A little unit that needed to learn how to function in the best possible way for its three little members, but from day one, a strong, loving, exciting unit.

(Yes, this picture featured in last month's Journey to 35 goals post...but it just screams "FAMILY!!!", doesn't it??!)

In a few months time, we’ll be welcoming another little member to our unit, and so I have decided that now is the time to really focus on us, our family.

My goals for this month are to:

  1. pick my battles more wisely: let Tiny be a toddler and don’t expect him to grow up too fast;
  2. remember that Tiny is only 23-months-old: because his language is phenomenal, I often forget that he’s still so little, and need to adjust my expectations accordingly;
  3. discuss parenting with Tall, rather than dictate: trust his instincts and let him do things his way, not mine;
  4. do something special for Tall: show him and tell him how much he means to me; and
  5. spend time creating special mummy-and-Tiny memories: when Pickle arrives, we won’t get these opportunities again.

Oh my gosh, this was taken a year ago! Scary!


3 thoughts on “Family

  1. We’re in the same boat… she’ll be two in two months time, and ‘lil M will be joining us in approx. 6 weeks (or thereabouts)! I need to spend more focused time with her, rather than expecting her to fit around my routines – she’ll never get it the same again; and I am going to miss that one on one as well.

    Enjoy the next few months with Tiny… and try to forget the housework, as he is far more important (says she who doesn’t do a good job of this)!!!!!!

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