Our Island Getaway

Rarotonga. I could wax lyrical for a while about how wonderful our holiday was, but I don’t think anything I write could capture how amazing this little island and its inhabitants are. Instead, I’m going to let a few pictures and short sentences do the talking.

I loved:

~ the heady fragrance of the welcome Ei, thrown around our necks when we arrived at the airport:

~ the tummy-jiggling bus ride to our resort, on a road without streetlamps, where the stars seemed so close you felt as though you could reach out and grab one to tuck away in your heart

~ being forced to take siestas with Tiny, and watching a big grin spread across his face as he woke beside us:

~ the bus destination labelling system: ‘Clockwise’ and ‘Anti-clockwise’

~ falling asleep with the sound of the sea in our ears, and waking up to the best view imaginable:

~ watching Tiny charm the pants off all the resort staff – plus everyone else we met – and seeing his delight at all the cuddles and kisses he was plastered with on a daily basis

~ enjoying a divine meal, beachside, at Vaima Polynesian Bar & Restaurant, and trying (and loving) Ika Mata, an island specialty

~ ordering wine and giggling at the consistently generous pours, which we affectionately dubbed ‘The Rarotongan’:

~ spending six whole days with both of my boys, and watching Tiny and his daddy bond more and more:

~ sunshine, swimming, sand and snorkelling:

There was only one thing I didn’t like about Rarotonga…and that was leaving!


5 thoughts on “Our Island Getaway

    • We had a fantastic time! You should definitely add Rarotonga (or any of the Cook Islands!) to your A-Z list 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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