A sad farewell

I’m feeling a bit sad today.

Yesterday we said farewell to Eco Mum, Dad and Baby, who are returning home to England this week. It was with a lump in my throat and tears spilling from my eyes that I hugged little Eco Baby, who threw her skinny little arms around my neck and gave me the sweetest grin….she has no idea that we won’t be seeing her for a while, and while that makes me tear up each time I think of it, it’s a good thing that she doesn’t yet know the sadness that comes with parting from friends.

Eco Mum and Eco Dad met Tall and I at our one-off, intensive antenatal class. There was a bit of a baby boom around the time our babies were due, and every antenatal course was full. We only arrived back in NZ when I was 6 months pregnant, and it just hadn’t crossed my mind that I wouldn’t get into a “traditional”class.

They seemed so nice, so normal, so down-to-earth, and funny – the only couple in our group that we seemed to click with (hanging out with the young guy who said his job was more important than his partner going into labour? Um….yeah). Plus their baby girl was due two days before our ???, and Eco Mum grew up in a little village not far from where we stayed with Tall’s grandfather in England, so we felt like we had a lot in common with them. A few meet-ups for brunch, coffee and drinks (for the boys, at least!) confirmed those initial hunches, and we became firm friends pretty fast. They were some of the first to visit when Tiny was born; Eco Mum was extremely jealous that he’d arrived two weeks early and that she had to go through the last few weeks of whale-esque-ness alone!

It’s been amazing sharing the past 18 months or so with them – the ups and downs, the excitement of our babies arriving and all their firsts. I’m sad that Eco Baby and Tiny won’t get to grow up together, and I’m sad that one of my closest friends is going to be on the other side of the world, but I’m glad for the wonders that are The Internet, and International Travel.

Safe journey home, my friends – we’ll miss you, but we’ll see you again xxx


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