Random Thoughts on Thursday

(I’ll give you a moment to recover from the shock of seeing one of these posts after such a long time)

Ready? Okay, cool. Ahem. Random thinkings I have thunked recently:

~ the first frost of the season will always come as a real shock to the system. It will throw you off completely, making you later leaving the house than you already were because you’ll be searching for one lost mitten, unjamming a jammed zip, chasing a child while waving a beanie threateningly in their general direction, and trying to remember whether it’s cold water or warm water you need to pour over your car windscreen? And then when your little cherubs are safely buckled into their car seats, you’ll realise you can’t really leave the kettle by the gate, so you have to turn off the ignition, unbuckle yourself and race the kettle back into the kitchen, race back to the car, start the engine again, and hear your nearly-four-year-old wail that his seat belt has come undone. Much like your mind, by this point.

~ raspberry seeds and tomato seeds can, and will, get stuck in the permanent wire retainers stuck to the back of teeth after braces are removed.

~ kittens can purr and attack at the same time.

~ my shins will always find a low stool in any room. It’s a very special talent.

~ if you buy crackers for your kids, and crackers for yourself, your kids will nearly always say they don’t like those kids’ crackers and will proceed to annihilate the packet of fancy-pants grown-ups’ crackers, before smiling sweetly and asking if they can now have the other ones.

~ “we” have lost a small slipper. “We” can’t remember when “we” last saw it, and “we” want to wear our gumboots to kindy and take our slippers to wear in kindy. “We” think  mummy should just buy new slippers, but mummy doesn’t think a slipper can vanish into thin air and is therefore waiting for it to turn up. “We” don’t like this idea and have made our feelings known. Loudly.


Don’t be fooled by that innocent little face. He’s purring, and he’s also about to launch himself at you, claws extended.


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