Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I never drink to the bottom of a glass or mug (unless it is filled with wine). If I’m really thirsty, I will stop before I drain the glass, and top it up with more water. Weeeeeiiiiirdo.

IMG_5810~ at Christmas, I laughed to myself when my MIL commented on how well the very dead herbs were looking on my windowsill. I must look after them well, I was told. Well, it seems my technique of completely ignoring them works, as there is new growth on my dead coriander plants. It’s either my complete neglect, or Mr Tea‘s giving them some love when I’m not looking.

IMG_5815~ this is not a tomato:

IMG_5813~ Pickle’s favourite game at the moment involves me calling him a cheeky monkey, to which he replies, “no, you the monkey”, whereupon I have to ooo-ooo-aah-aah like a primate. Then I say the same back, and he makes monkey noises, until I trick him by saying, “you’re the lion!” Ah, hours of fun.

~ these school holidays have flown by, and they’ve been loads of fun. We’ve kept busy, and the shout-o-metre has stayed down at “low”.

~ we’ve been enjoying some gorgeous sunrises of late, and living on a hill has made them all the more impressive.

Sunrise over Dunedin, New Zealand~~~~~~~~~
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7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Haha I like the look of that tomato! I drink to the bottom…it bugs me knowing it’s not empty! and those views are lovely 🙂 yay for happy holidays x

  2. My SIL and my late MIL used to do that glass thing too – they always have a half a glass of water somewhere. I on the other hand start a drink and don’t stop until it’s gone – often in one gulp – it’s another reason I think it’s sensible I’m a nondrinker!! Also my pet peeve is small glasses. 🙂 x

  3. I would have sooooooo much trouble not finishing a drink, often I finish and I don’t realize and go to drink some more only to be disappointed with an empty cup 😦 I think I’d love to live on a hill, as long as it wasn’t too windy!

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