Reading and Reviewing: a BBC Top 200 update

A month-and-a-half ago, I had 25 books left to finish my BBC Big Read Top 200 challenge. Now, there are just 14 titles left to cross off the list, and I’m pretty excited to see the number reducing so quickly. It seems that leaving a lot of the young adult books to last was a wise move; I’m whipping through them at lightning speed, which is helping motivate me to achieve my goal.

Of the past 11 books, my favourites were Johnathan Livingstone Seagull’, which I read in an hour one afternoon while Pickle and Tiny had some quiet time – such an uplifting, interesting little fable, full of humour and inspiration – and ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’, which was fantastic. I loved the way it was written, the way it began (with the conception of the narrator, no less!), the way the story unfolded, the truths that were eventually uncovered, and the way the past was interwoven into the present.

I’ve already worked out where 13 of the last 14 can be found at the library; the last is proving quite difficult to find, but find it, I shall!


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