Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ Pickle is loving cucumber, citrus fruit and strawberries at the moment. Does anyone else fancy a Pimms??

~ while doing parent help at kindy this week, I got to see the kids practising their songs for the Christmas Party this afternoon. I’ve never seen anything more adorable (and shambolic) in all my life!

~ finishing Christmas shopping in November is a good thing…and a bad thing. What am I supposed to do for all of December??!

~ there are five frizzle chicks at Tiny’s kindy at the moment, and I can’t help but be reminded of the six baby chickens who visited my class when I was five. One day, we arrived to class and the chickens were gone. “They’ve been returned home,” our teacher explained. Later that day, I overheard Dad – the deputy principal of my school – telling Mum what had really happened; let’s just say I’m glad that the chicks at Tiny’s kindy are being kept warm by a modern, safe heating system.

EASTER PIC.-"POLISH FRIZZLE" HENS(Click image for source)

~ if you discover a box of Nutrigrain in your cupboard and think, Golly, I haven’t bought any of that for a while!, don’t try it. Just….don’t. Stale cereal. Shudder.

~ the sound of an archer’s arrow hitting a canvas target is surprisingly soft and soothing, and not at all a violent sound.

~ this week I’ve been contemplating donating all our toys, because it would seem that the dustbuster and the vacuum cleaner are the toys du jour.

Have you entered my kids’ books giveaway??


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. OMG those frizzle chicks are adorable – I have never seen anything life it before! I’m also looking forward to our daycare Christmas party tomorrow night with the kids performing – I die with the cuteness and shambles of it each year!

  2. Those chicks! I thought they were pimped pine-cones! Kindy Christmas parties are the best – heartmelting! I tend to have Christmas gifts sorted by Nov and then spend December adding finishing touches or making the odd extra thing here and there – We have a few January birthdays too so there is always plenty to sort out!

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