Book Review: A Book is a Book

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what a book actually is? I mean, we all know what a book is, but….what IS a book? I guarantee that if you sat down and thought about it, really thought about it, your answer would be as different and unique as you are yourself.

A Book is a Book A Book is a Book, by poet Jenny Bornholdt, is a beautiful little volume that seeks to answer this question. Each page is sweetly illustrated by Sarah Wilkins, capturing the magic that is a book. Combined with the whimsical, amusing text, this would make the perfect gift for a child or adult who often finds themselves lost in the pages of a story.

I can’t choose between the following as my favourite lines:

You can read a book while you walk, but you have to be very careful not to bump into things.

(Because…well…I know I’ve done this. I’m clumsy at the best of times, but when I’m lost in a book…look out, lamp post.)

If you want a horse, you can read a book about horses and then you don’t have to get one yourself. Horses need a lot of grass and you have to wear a weird hat.

(Exactly /staring at my horsey family-in-law.)

You can read in the bath, but you mustn’t drop your book. It is impossible to read in the shower.

(The wrinkled corners of many of my books are testament to the effects of water on paper.)

Sometimes babies chew books. Sometimes dogs do too, but not usually.

(We don’t have a dog, but we do have a baby…)

If there is a book-lover in your life who is impossible to buy gifts for, then this is perfect – buy it. Buy it now.


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