Things I’m Loving

~ It never fails to amaze me how we can get things done quickly when we set our minds to it! Last Friday, I decided to make up a box for Operation Christmas Child, and by Monday, it was ready to go. I took the boys shopping, and let Tiny choose whether we were making a box for a girl or a boy….the little doll sold it for him! Tell you what, though – wrapping the box was the hardest part, especially as this one’s lid is attached at one edge; I certainly won’t win any box-wrapping awards.

~ Venturing out on a warm, sunny day (hello, nation’s top temperature), expecting the playground at the Botanic Garden to be packed….and finding it completely empty.

~ As a child, this Peter Pan statue at the Gardens always fascinated me, and it warms my heart that Tiny loves it too. I noticed the wording on the plaque for the first time on Tuesday, and it made me feel all fuzzy inside.

~ Suddenly Tiny seems to have developed a real physical confidence – I couldn’t get him out of this tunnel, when previously we couldn’t get him to go through it. Proud mama moment!

~ Is there anything* nicer than sliding into a freshly made, clean-sheeted bed?? Mmmm.

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* rhetorical question. And I am aware that there are many nicer things, but this week, this is high on my list.


3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. oh my goodness that peter pan brings back childhood memories! i didnt realize you live in dunedin (duh!) – i did when i was a kid and we used to often go and play with peter pan!

  2. We cheat and purchase a standard box from the charity for 50c then there is no need for wrapping……I love love love fresh sheets..if I had a maid that is what I would ask her to do every day!!! Hope you are enjoying your week. x

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