Things I’m Loving

~ holidays away with my boys, especially when they involve family, friends and a whole lot of relaxing (for this pregnant lady, anyway!) on The Farm.

~ four whole days of sunshine, heat, and no wind – the first time we’ve been to the The Farm where the weather has actually come to the party!

~ the personal style choices of a two-year-old…

~ not worrying that morning tea each day over Easter was an ice cream (but secretly, being glad that he preferred the cone to the ice cream!). I figure that Nana and Pops don’t get to see Tiny very often, so the least I could do was sit back and let them spoil him if they so desired.

~ Tiny’s sudden attachment to “Cat” (purchased in Valparaiso, Chile, when pregnant with him). Until now, “Cat” has just been a toy that hangs out above the change table, but now….he’s the “fraveritt”. I love him, and am glad that Tiny does too!

~ my little Easter Bunny, complete with grazes on the face after earlier “hopping” down the back step to bring me my wellies!

~ this blog post about mums and our desire to be “perfect”, when all our kids want is to be loved and played with. It really struck a chord with me; check it out if you have a spare five minutes….and then turn off your computer and go play!

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