Things I’m Loving…

It feels as though this has been the longest week in The History of the World.

Getting back to (cold) reality after our lovely holiday, 5.30am wakings and terrible nights, Tall being away for work….but in all honesty, I know I have nothing to complain about, and so much to be thankful for.

Here’s my little bit of lovin’ this week…

Tiny taking full ownership of his development with a little light reading:

Snuggling up with this cute wheatbag from Nood while Tall was away:

The arrival of an early birthday present! I love the paper, and that it arrived from a dear friend in Guernsey, AND that I have the willpower not to have opened it yet!

That despite having numerous bath toys, this is what Tiny pulls out of the cupboard every day to keep himself amused while I take a shower:

(And anything that gives me five minutes peace, without having boats and ducks and lobsters and turtles and more ducks thrown into my serene space, is welcome to be played with!)

Tiny’s obsessions with “p(l)anes”. From the moment he gets up, he is now searching for all his little planes, and I am constantly finding them in the most obscure places!

Lastly, Tall. He was away for three days this week, and Tiny was a little bit…ahem…challenging. It made me appreciate everything Tall does, and how lucky I am to have such a supportive, encouraging, strong, rational husband. It also makes me appreciate the amazing, inspiring job all the solo mums out there do in raising wonderful children – I am constantly in awe as to how they cope, because three days alone was definitely enough for me!

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11 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving…

    • Tee hee – I already know it’s a book (darn customs forms!), so that’s satisfied me for the moment. Only a few days to go, so I’m trying not to think about it…much!

  1. I will have 7 days alone very very soon and I am dreading it. 7 days of being outnumbered 3 to 1 and it is also my sons 5th birthday on the first day that hubby is away. Not looking forward to it one bit.

    Love your photos and hahaha at your sons choice of toy while you are in the shower.

    • Wow, that will be full-on, I imagine! Bet you’ll be just fine – but I know how relieved I was to see my hubby after 3 days, and we have just 1 little person!

  2. Yay for helpful hubbies – they’re the best. And I’m so glad I am not the only mum to let her children play with unusual toys – I have been known to do the exact same thing with that exact same item whilst trying to squeeze in minutes to put on make up in the bathroom!

  3. Well done on 3 days alone… don’t think I could do it :-(! Hard work!

    Thanks for popping into my blog and leaving lovely comments – I can’t seem to be able to subscribe to yours though, can you help with that?

    • It was hard work, but we both survived 🙂
      For some reason the email subscription button had vanished , but I’ve re-installed it so you should be able to sign up for email subscription. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

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