Things I’m Loving

Loving being finally allowed to open this birthday present to find this awesome cookbook all about the Channel Islands. Scallops with Avocado, French Beans & Hazelnut Dressing?? Yes, please!!

Loving that my friends will help fuel my food and cookbook obsession, and that I’m obviously a little bit predictable!

Loving that my best friend is a mind reader, and gave me this gorgeous Newbies jewellery tree without knowing I’d been coveting one for quite some time!

Loving this daffodil cake, made by my mum:

Loving that Tall granted me my wish of NO birthday presents, but just a card from Tiny, and a delicious meal cooked by himself (Chicken Saag from this book). Bliss!

Lastly, and not birthday related, loving this little video a friend in London put together following the riots last week: I’ve cried every time I’ve watched it; that the destructive nature of a few can devastate so many is heartbreaking, and I mourn for those innocent bystanders who lost so much during this time.

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