Mama of Boys

Things I never thought I’d say:

“Knees back, hips forward, now PEE!”

“Where did this Lego man’s hands go?”

“Please don’t fart on your brother!”

Pickle in boots “Sure, you can go dressed as a superhero cowboy.”

“How did poo get on the wall??”

“What on earth possessed you to put a rice bubble in your ear??”

Tiny & Pickle“Stop wiping snot on your sleeve!”

“Who put the barbecue tongs in the bathroom?”

“Yes, you do look cool in my boots.”


Bubbles in the Winter Sun

On a cold, sunny winter’s day, what could be more fun than rugging up in jackets and Red Bands, and chasing bubbles in the sun?

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles BubblesNothing, that’s what.

A Sad Case of Neglect

Tiny Pickle & Friends  Tiny & Pickle Dunedin Floods 2015 Schhol Cross Country Pickle Minions the Movie Minions the MoviePickle the Pirate Dunedin Frost

Um…..did you guys know that it’s almost July??! Surely I can’t be the only one for whom this year is flying past like a high-speed passenger train??!

I’ve been waiting for things to slow down, for our weekends to be completely free, for hibernation to begin…..but it hasn’t. I’m not complaining; busy days means the winter will go by much more quickly, but I haven’t quite caught my breath from the madness that was summer yet.

The first few months of this year were full of Tiny finishing kindy and starting school, Pickle starting kindy, and birthday party after birthday party. Pickle came with me on a trip to Fiji for the wedding of one of my best friends, and a week after we got back, Tall was working in Thailand for a fortnight. There were more birthday parties, the school cross country, floods and frosts, a visit from Tall’s sister, and a visit to Tall’s sister…..and now the end of Term Two approaches which means playdates and adventures and Lego all over the floor.

What this also translates to is a bit lot of blog neglect. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to hang washing, cook dinner, drop kids off at various educational institutes, exercise, eat, vacuum up rice bubbles and then actually sit down for more than five minutes at a time. However, this week sees the P starting two longer sessions at kindy, which might mean I can spend a little bit more time doing this: drinking coffee and blogging.

Life. Getting in the way of a good blog post since forever.

Junk Free June

Right now, I’d do anything for a glass of wine (preferably a shiraz or a pinot gris, but let’s be honest…I’m not fussy) and a block bar square of chocolate.

Tall has been working in Thailand for a week, and rang today to say he has to stay for two days longer than originally planned. Boo. Tiny is tired after a few late nights and busy days, and is a bit sad that daddy won’t be home on Friday. Pickle is grouchy and going through a challenging phase which he can’t seem to shake off, and I’m nursing a sore neck and shoulder which is keeping me awake at night. Boo, boo, boo.

So a glass of wine and bit of chocolate would be rather nice about now…..except I’ve given them up for Junk Free June.I want to whine about the poor timing, and I want you all to console me with sympathetic arm-pats….and then I remember why I’m doing this. I have no right to complain about poor timing; I don’t think anyone who has cancer has ever said, “What excellent timing!”

If you can spare a dollar or two, please sponsor my friends and I and donate to the Cancer Society (NZ)

Random Thoughts on Thursday

(I know! It’s been foreverrrrrrr since I last let you into the crazy confines of my over-active mind. I bet you’re excited.)

~ sometimes, you make yourself a cup of tea that it THE BEST CUP OF TEA EVER, so you decide to make a second cup….and it is never ever as good.

~ heat pumps are great, but nothing beats the heat of a wood burning fire. Which we don’t have. Which means a visit to my parents’ sees me hogging the hearth like a heat-seeking cat.

~ Tiny is learning to read at lightning speed, but even better, he is reading with rhythm and inflections and flow, and it is beautiful to listen to.

~ buying new socks is probably the least exciting clothing purchases one can make. Even kids’ socks. Yawn.

~ I have combed Tiny’s hair about five times in the past five years. That’s basically once a year. I’m thinking I should be combing my boys’ hair a bit more often? Yes? Yes.

~ the smell of Persil laundry powder is one of my favourite smells. It reminds me of something from my childhood, and I adore it.

My School Kid

On day one, I was called to collect a tearful, overwhelmed Tiny at lunchtime.When I arrived, the smile on his little tear-stained face was one of such relief that I burst into tears. I carried my tired little five-year-old up the hill and home, cradling him like a baby and whispering consolations into his ears. He told me he’d had a good morning but that when he thought of me, he got sad. We cried, a lot.

We also talked, a lot, about how he was missing his kindy friends, and about how it was okay to feel overwhelmed and tired and nervous because it was all so new and a bit scary and a bit exciting and a bit woah, and he said he was looking forward to going back again. Phew.

For the rest of last week, and most of this, he was full of beans and excited about everything to do with school. He was keen to do his homework (although he is very much like his engineer-daddy, and is more interested in numbers than letters) and shared little parts of his day.

I spoke to one of his teachers and they said he was making lots of friends (no surprises there; Tiny is a social wee bean), but gets a little stressed when presented with a new task. They are reminding him to ask for help instead of panicking and getting upset, which is something we are working on too. It was nice to hear that he’s a pleasure to have in the class, and that he isn’t finding the work difficult.

Then this morning, there were tears when it came time for Pickle and I to go, and tears again when we picked him up, and tears at bedtime….my boy is tired, and when he’s tired, the tears flow, just like his mama. He told me, “I am never, ever going back to school” and my heart broke.

We sat on the stairs, he and I, and had a cuddle. We talked and he cried, and I held him as close to my heart as I possibly could. We talked about how cool school is, about how much fun he’s been having, and all the amazing things he’s already learned. We talked about how he can read 14 words after just two weeks, and about how lucky he was to get to bring Pete the Cat home this week. We talked about his new friends, about how one of the mums asked me for my number today so we can arrange a play date with our boys who have the same name. We talked and we giggled and his tears dried up, and he asked me, “How many days before I get to go to school again?”

20 Things…

There’s a thing going round Instagram at the moment, where you share 20 things about yourself and tag other people to do the same. It’s been really fascinating learning random things (and remarkable similarities) about some of the lovely people I stalk follow, and I thought I may as well use it as ready blog fodder, seeing as spare time is rare at the moment and my blog has been less than personal of late.

20 Things1/ I never learned to ride a bike or swim. I was always too small for my sister’s hand-me-down bike, and I was afraid of the water.

2/ I would choose giving birth over being pregnant (hence no more babies!). My thoughts are probably clouded by my beautiful waterbirth with Pickle, but still…pregnancy and I are not good friends.

3/ I’m terrified of moths. When my mum was pregnant with me, one flew into her ear.

4/ I first went on a plane aged 22, to Sydney with my boyfriend at the time.

5/ I hate heights but have done a tandem skydive and would do it again in a heartbeat. Even better, I got to do it for free, thanks to the place I was working at the time.

6/ I don’t like even numbers.

7/ I never remember the plots of movies I’ve seen, unless they strike a real chord with me. Or I’ve read the book.

8/ I love words but I loathe Scrabble. Tall loves Scrabble and beats me every time, much to his surprise and delight. He thought I would be really good at it, but I grew up playing with my mum who takes hours to make a word, and my patience for slow players is basically non-existent.

9/ I’m terrible with names but never forget a face. I can often recall where I’ve met or seen someone, what they were wearing, how old we were…but names just don’t stick unless I see them often.

10/ I can’t cope with my own house being a mess, but mess in other people’s houses doesn’t bother me at all. My work spaces always have to be clear and tidy, but I wouldn’t even notice or mind the mess elsewhere. Unless it’s extreme hoarding, and then, I get twitchy.

11/ I’ve been to 24 countries and my feet are constantly itchy. I miss living in London, and popping away into Europe for a weekend. Luckily Pickle and I have a trip to Fiji in May to look forward to, which will satisfy my craving for travel for a little while.

12/ I don’t like sultanas – they are just lazy grapes. Raisins…I’ll barely tolerate them, but sultanas will never be welcome in my home.

13/ I’m fascinated by dreams and the subconscious mind. My own dreams are vivid and crazy.

14/ I’ve never been able to donate blood due to weight requirements, but my hubs donates every 3mths so that makes me feels a bit better about it. He has an in-demand blood type, while mine is the run-of-the-mill variety, but still…I’d like to donate at least once.

15/ I like doing squats. Yep.

16/ Tuis and fantails take my breath away. We have a tui who visits our backyard regularly at the moment (usually on sunny afternoons just before it rains), and I loved watching a group of fantails swoop and play chase in the front yard of my parents’ holiday home.

17/ My favourite sandwich filling is cheese and carrot, bound with a little mayonnaise and a little chutney. Yum.

18/ I always wanted a daughter but now I can’t imagine myself as mama to anything but boys.

19/ I have small feet and can buy kids’ shoe, although sometimes they can be too wide. I’ve never been able to lend or borrow shoes until I became good friends with another small-footed lovely two years ago (I didn’t become her friend so we could share shoes, but it’s a great side-effect!!)

20/ It was a struggle to think of the initial 20 things, but since then, I’ve thought of a few more facts I could have used instead.