Things I’m Loving

I first read about Operation Christmas Child on Miriam’s blog. Sounds like a fab idea, I thought, before promptly forgetting about it (hello, baby brain). Then Melissa mentioned it on her blog, and I thought, That really is a wonderful idea. And then I forgot about it. Again. But tonight, while my husband watched the rugby (Otaaaaaaago-oooo), I looked up our local collection points, before rummaging in my closet for a suitable shoebox. Yep, I’m going to do it, because it really is a fab, wonderful idea.

Last Friday, my big sister and her youngest arrived from Melbourne, and my brother, his wife and their two foster teens arrived from Christchurch. On Saturday, they all came to our place for a coffee, and it was like the past however-many years of us living in different countries never happened. Spending time with them made me realise how lucky I am to have such wicked siblings; we get along so well, there’s none of the silly bickering that some families experience, and we are all so supportive of each other. It was great seeing Tiny play with his little cousin, too; by the time they left on Wednesday, the two of them were great mates…which was lovely, but also kinda sad as they then had to say good-bye ­čśŽ

Steak Sandwiches
Okay, so I know that drops the tone a little, but seriously, I am going through a major steak sandwich phase. Whenever I go out for lunch, if there’s a steak sandwich on the menu, I can’t order anything else. Especially if there are caramelised onions involved. So far, I’ve discovered that the best steak sandwich in Dunedin can be found at Gaslight Caf├ę.

A Healthy Tummy
Mine and Pickle’s. Since making a concerted effort to go completely dairy free, I’ve noticed a huge difference in Pickle’s frequency of vomiting, and how I’m feeling. I’ve had a couple of slip-ups, and we’ve both paid for it, but it’s good to finally (a) know what’s upsetting him, and (b) be taking more care of my own gut.

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