On My Mind: What’s Next.

After a lot of thinking, talking, brainstorming, pros-and-cons’ing, I’ve made a decision about what I’m going to do next year.

This wasn’t a decision I came to without a lot (a looooooooot) of researching and soul-searching, but it is a decision that sits well with me and makes so much sense for where I see myself in the future, and it just feels…..right.


I’ve found my hunger.

As of the end of February 2017, I’m heading back to university, to study something that has been in the back of my mind for the last 15 years. Something I tried to resist, or replace, but it’s always been there and everything has led me back to it…so I’m not fighting it any longer, and to be honest, I’m pretty excited.

I’m nervous, too. What if I can’t write an essay anymore?  (I can. I’m good at essays.) What if motivating myself to study (it’s a distance learning qualification) is an issue? (It won’t be. I’ll have plenty of time when the boys are at kindy and school) What if I spend two years working towards being able to apply for the qualification I’m ultimately aiming for, and don’t get in? (I will. There’s no other option)

I’m looking forward to charging my brain, and absorbing so much knowledge that my head might explode. I’m looking forward to the challenges that I’ll no doubt face, and the successes that will follow.

I’m looking forward to adding a few more letters after my name, and to finally, finally doing something (other than parenting) that I’m passionate about.


5 thoughts on “On My Mind: What’s Next.

  1. woo hoo! I’m a Massey student too. A l-o-n-g time one! Started a BA in history in 1988 and i’ll finally graduate at the end of next year. Huge gaps in the years around 3 children, 3 countries and fulltime work and the past 3 years I’ve managed 3 papers every year (not sure I recommend that) around work and family etc. It is great especially after getting great essay marks. I’ve plenty of time, but motivation can be a killer – I still h-a-t-e exams. One in 2 weeks. Last 3 papers have been chosen for either no exam or 2 hour exams! I’ll do one internally too, which freaks me out a bit!

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