Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Edmonds Best of Baking


My nana was an atrocious cook but an utterly amazing baker. Her cream sponges and Neenish tarts were phenomenal, and she made the best griddle scones in the history of the world. I can remember her battered, tattered, splattered old copy of the Edmonds Cookbook, and the way she only used it to check that her memory of the recipes was right.

Hokey Pokey Biscuits

When asked if I’d like to review the new Edmonds Best of Baking, it was a no-brainer: I’ve grown up baking with Edmonds, and I knew that it would contain a variety of simple yet delicious, decadent, beautiful recipes that would appeal to my children, and to me. Recipes that wouldn’t need fancy, expensive or hard-to-find ingredients; recipes that would contain copious amounts of those current evils, butter and sugar, and would therefore taste amazing.

Choosing a recipe to try was difficult, purely because I bookmarked at least eleven on my first flick through. Once I’d narrowed it down, I still couldn’t choose between the finalists, so I didn’t: I made them all.


First up were the Hokey Pokey Biscuits, which I remember my mum making when I was little. There really can’t be an easier or faster biscuit recipe than this – these tasty cookies were ready for eatin’ within half an hour of the decision to bake. My boys (including the adult one) loved them, and they didn’t last long; we like a chewy cookie so I cooked them for the shortest recommended time, and they were perfect. These have now made it to top spot on my “Help! I’m out of baking for the lunchboxes” list, due to the speed with which they’re ready, and the fact that I will always have all the ingredients in my pantry.


Next I decided to try the lemon version of the Basic Biscuits. Again, these were super-easy and I had everything I needed, and the addition of the lemon zest made these wee cookies something special. They were buttery and a little like shortbread, zingy with lemon but not overpoweringly so. I turned these babies into spider cookies for my babiest one’s fourth birthday party, and unsurprisingly, there were none left! I’m keen to give the spice version a go soon.


Lastly, on a bit of a whim, I made Chocolate Eclairs (also for the party table). Except I made chocolate puffs (piping the mixture as Cream Puffs, as suggested), filled with a white chocolate custard. I don’t know why people are scared of making eclairs and puffs, as they are incredibly easy; the Edmonds recipe was very straightforward and these puppies turned out brilliantly, despite the fact that I accidentally turned the power to the oven off during the second stage of cooking.


There are many, many appealing recipes in Edmonds Best of Baking, some of which will be very familiar to those of us who’ve grown up in New Zealand. Each recipe is accompanied by beautiful photography which will have you drooling from page to page. It is said that we feast with our eyes first, and for me, a winning recipe book is one that features pictures of each dish, on which Edmonds Best of Baking definitely delivers. Based on the photos alone, I want to try making the Warm Gingerbread Date Cake (I KNOW!! Sounds amaaaaaazing, right?!), and the Honey Tea Buns next!

And guess what? You might get the chance to try them too, because the kind folks at Hachette New Zealand have given me an extra copy of Edmonds Best of Baking to give away to one lucky reader!

Simply comment below with your favourite item to bake, and you’re in the draw!

Competition closes on Friday 24 June, at 8pm (NZ time). Open worldwide.


42 thoughts on “Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Edmonds Best of Baking

  1. At the moment I’ve been baking double batches of pumpkin muffins! Soo delish. This book looks great. Great review, thanks!

  2. I’ve been researching to buy a new baking book. This one has just one to the top of my wishlist. Of course winning it would take the cake {i’m so funny}. My favourite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies, I must have made 1000s of them over the years!

  3. What a great book – all the favourites in one place with more that are bound to become favourites. Love making banana cake (if it has cream cheese icing all the better!) – has bananas so got to be good for me right?

  4. Love baking sponges, mix it up with vanilla and chocolate flavoured and even made a caramel one. Nothing beats a fresh sponge with plum jam and fresh cream.

  5. what a brilliant giveaway! We love making orange and poppy seed muffins at the moment and almond cakes – yummmmm! ❀ x

  6. So hard to commit to one thing! But maybe tan square. Shortbready, caramelly goodness, with the convenience of being in slice form. I should avoid this competition, but looks like a book that would get lots of use.

  7. I love baking cakes can’t beat a cake that turns out all decorated with moist Centre and work mates die over it got good at baking Rhubarb sour cream cake to die for but love mixing it up and having variety now I’d have no excuses to get takeaways

  8. I am on a chocolate chip cookie baking roll at the moment! Anything that can go in the lunch boxes is great! πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi and Thanks for the fabulous pics/recipes and giveaway chance I’m sitting here in the States, yes that would be United States and just happened upon a review for this new book from a NZ blogger friend and since I never heard of the book I had to google it which brought me here to you!! I would love to win a copy and do some baking from this iconic NZ favorite.
    My favorite thing to bake is Brownies with Pecans or Walnuts
    Keeping my fingers crossed
    really enjoyed the post!!!

  10. You’ve made me drool!!!!!! I want to get creative these holidays with my friends kiddies she’s due for her new edition on the 24/07 so I’m going to be on hand to keep tje kids company for two weeks πŸ™‚
    These holidays are hard with the winter approachin and more rain days so baking seems good option and butter was cheap this week so stocked up πŸ™‚

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