Today, you are six. I look at the confident, smart, happy and devilishly-handsome boy in front of me, and can’t quite believe that it has been six whole years since you came into our lives.

Favourite book: Dragon Knight series
Favourite colour: red
Favourite food: pasta and wraps
Favourite toy: LegoFavourite character: Iron Man, all of the Avengers
Favourite place: Wanaka

2Waverley (6)

You’re the kind of kid who makes friends with everyone, and your teachers always say that you’re never short of play-mates. However, you have your crew, and your close friends are very important to you. I love that when we walk into school, there are always people calling out “Hi!” to you. You have this understated, even unconscious, magnetism, and people seem drawn to you. I hope that you never lose that. I also hope you never lose the confidence that recently saw you sitting in the principal’s office, eating chocolate biscuits, in your bright orange undies – the fact that someone else had mistakenly taken your shorts after swimming didn’t faze you in the slightest; you had a special morning tea date with Mr McD and nothing was standing in the way of that!

I’m so stoked with how much of a book nerd you have become. When Dad took you and your brother for a “mountain” walk recently, you wanted to pack a book to read at the top. I couldn’t stop smiling, because that sounded like a pretty great idea to me. It does make me a little sad that you now choose to read in bed for 15 minutes instead of being read to, but it also makes me immensely proud. I hope you continue to love reading as much as you do now, and I promise I will always make books a priority for you.

I love that your little brother is one of best friends, and how much you love to play with each other. Sure, there are times when he breaks your Lego creations and that upsets you a bit, but you are easily reasoned with and you forgive quickly. The games you play together are so intricate, and often I don’t know which character I’ll see from one minute to the next, but you include him in everything and encourage and support him, too. I hope your bond will always be as tight as it is now.

You have a maturity that often astounds me, and an astute and observant eye. You notice everything, and remember everything too – your memory is better than Dad’s! But you also know how to be a kid, and I hope that sense of fun stays with you throughout your life.

You’re six today, my little buddy, and while I’ve heard some discouraging things about six-year-old boys, I’m looking forward to all the fun and challenges that this year brings.



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