Book Review: Hare and Tortoise


Hare and Tortoise – Alison Murray
Published by Hachette NZ

Our copy of Hare and Tortoise was taken to kindy on the day I started this review, so Pickle could share it with his “class”. One of his teachers thought it was a great story to bring in, as they are currently talking to the kids about perseverance, resilience and independence. Their feedback was glowing – they thought it was an excellent re-telling, with mass appeal for the range of ages at kindergarten.

Everyone knows the story of the hare and the tortoise right? It’s probably one of Aesop’s most famous fables. This re-telling by Alison Murray is gorgeous, funny and contemporary, without losing the moral of the story.

My boys love it. The story is so appealing and the illustrations are just gorgeous. They love the comparison between Tortoise, who is very good at standing still, and a rock; they love the energy of Hare, who is not very good at standing still, but can run really, really fast.

It’s a witty re-telling, with such appealing illustrations (also by Murray); every page is a treat to read and explore, while still being snappy and lyrical. You can’t help but be swept along with Hare’s speed, and a few pages later, find yourself ambling along leisurely with Tortoise.

Another gem – already well-loved – from Hachette NZ – thanks team!



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