Currently: the rainy day edition

3Wanaka (16)


  1. Listening: to a rather ecclectic Spotify mix that my husband is listening to while doing some resistance training. I should be following suit, having had the most sedentary day on record, but I have (a) no motivation, and (b) to save my energy for Active Mums in the morning.
  2. Eating: soft, chewy chocolate chunk cookies and marvelling at their almost-excessive sweetness.
  3. Drinking: earlier in the day, it was peppermint tea, in a bid to warm up from the inside…then I resorted to the cheap bottle of Shiraz I opened for a recipe last night.
  4. Wearing: slippers and socks. In summer. Come ON.
  5. Feeling: as always, tired. And a bit grouchy because it’s been drizzling and cold all day and there’s washing drying inside and it’s everywhere.
  6. Weather:  revolting. Drizzly, squally, grey rainy rotten weather. Bleurgh.
  7. Wanting: the sun to come out and the hot weather to return.
  8. Needing: a new book to read, having just finished the big stack I borrowed from a friend. I should probably hit the local library this week.
  9. Thinking: about kindy starting on Wednesday and the prospect of a whole day with just my biggest boy. I’m rather looking forward to it.
  10. Enjoying: lazy, slow mornings that will soon come to an end, the latest season of Doc Martin, and eating corn straight from the cob*.

* I should probably write about the fact that my braces came off almost two months ago, shouldn’t I??!


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