My School Kid: two terms in

I’m struggling to believe that Tiny has been at school for two terms already. That time has whizzed by and now here we are, in the last term of the year.

I spoke with one of his teachers at the end of last term; she asked, “Can you believe he’s been here for almost 20 weeks?” I started to reply that no, I couldn’t, but as I watched him in the courtyard waiting for me, I stopped.

He has changed so much in those 20 weeks, and I can no longer visualise that little boy sitting on the mat at kindy. He’s grown (literally) and he seems so mature all of a sudden. Emotionally and mentally, he has grown incredibly; he still has his moments where there are tears and tantrums, but he’s able to manage his behaviour and emotions (most of the time!) which makes me so proud.

School RulesSocially, he has a small group of good friends, but when we walk through the school grounds, he’s always greeted with shouts from lots of children from different classrooms and levels. Everyone is his friend, he tells me; he always responds with a wave even if he isn’t sure of the other child’s name.

His writing is getting neater, and his stories are evolving. The last week of last term, he wrote about how he was impressed with his little brother for using the potty; one of his teachers said that was a real achievement, to be writing about feelings. He’s whizzing through his reading levels and spelling, and I love seeing his artwork hanging up in the classroom (and even more when it’s hanging up at home!).

It’s been a good two terms, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this last term of the year will bring. The first week was eventful – Tiny slipped off the monkey bars and I was called to collect my sore wee man from school. Fast forward to the next evening, and the discovery of a broken collarbone! Not the greatest start to the term, but them’s the breaks (sorry. It had to be done.).


2 thoughts on “My School Kid: two terms in

  1. Hope the collarbone is much better by now! So feeling and hearing you. What a wonderful start to school he has had and making his mummy so proud! Amazing how they grow in leaps and bounds… hard to keep up 😦 xx

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