Adult Braces: 17 months in

When I scattered carrot seeds into the vegetable garden recently, one of my first thoughts was about how much I loved pulling carrots straight from the garden, rinsing them with the garden hose and munching them on the spot. Then I remembered that braces wearers aren’t supposed to bite straight into those crunchy orange morsels, for fear of bending a wire or breaking a bracket. The joy of planting those seeds was slightly dampened, but I consoled myself with the fact that at least my boys could enjoy the experience, even if I couldn’t.

A week later, I had a routine appointment at the orthodontist. “How do you like your teeth?” she asked. “Is there anything you’re not happy with?”

“Are you kidding??” I grinned. “I love them! They’re so much better than when I first came to see you!”

Lake TekapoEmily laughed, in a I-should-hope-so kinda way; as she bent the upper wire and re-fitted it, she told me we’d be making the next two appointments at this visit.

“Oh, okay,” I replied, thinking she was just being extremely efficient because we’re approaching Christmas and holiday season. I was slightly disappointed; she’d mentioned aiming for having the braces off before Christmas.

“Yes,” she said. “One in seven weeks, then one the week after so we can take your braces off.”

I was speechless – stunned – momentarily, but as a big smile spread across my face, I found my voice. “Really?? That’s so great!”

Friday 20th November is D-Day for unveiling my new-and-improved choppers. To say I’m excited is an understatement – even though I hardly notice them anymore, knowing my time wearing braces is almost finished is such a relief. It’ll be weird, and I know I’ll ulcerate my tongue by playing with the permanent retainers I’ll be fitted with, and I’ll probably think my beautifully-straight teeth are hideously stained, but not having to think about rubber bands or worry about food getting stuck in the wires is going to be amazing.

Smiling is going to get a whole lot more fun, too.


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