Random Thoughts on Thursday

This episode of RTOT is dedicated to my gorgeous friend, Jess xxx

~ I check on my boys and give them one last kiss before I go to bed each night, and it never ceases to amaze me how often they mirror each other’s sleeping positions, even though Pickle goes to bed at least half-an-hour earlier than Tiny.

~ mending piles always look much more menacing than they really are. All that procrastination for five minutes worth of effort.

~ the perfect Lego storage system DOES NOT EXIST. I wish it did, but nope, it really doesn’t.

~ daffodils provide me with an annual dilemma: do I enjoy them in the garden, or pick them to enjoy inside?? This week, the dilemma has been solved – momentarily – by my mum bringing us a huge bunch from her garden. I feel like I should be hashtagging this #firstworldproblems.

~ chocolate buttons are highly underrated.

~ bagels should never be served untoasted. In my opinion. But…it’s a fact, really.



2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Haha Lego storage… we have a system that seems to work when we go to the trouble of tidying it up 😉 Yay for daffodils, my husband would agree about the buttons but re bagels… I can take them any which way – yum 😉 x

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