Book Review: Digby Law’s Vegetables

Digby Law's VegetablesDigby Law’s Vegetables
Published by Hachette NZ – 11 August 2015

If you asked me to choose between eating vegetables or fruit for the rest of my life, vegetables would win by a landslide. I love to grow them, cook them and eat them. My boys are less fond of veges but their tastes are slowly evolving as they get older, and we get more insistent that they at least try everything.

Digby Law’s Vegetables is a collection of over 400 recipes, arranged alphabetically, making it incredibly easy to flick through to find suggestions for using that huge head of cauliflower you picked up from the market. I’m not a huge cauliflower fan, but Law has inspired me to add a little finely grated orange rind to white serve:

“The suspicion of orange in the sauce is absolutely gorgeous with cauliflower.”

VegetablesThe recipes include fresh side dishes, hot mains and deliciously-sweet desserts. There are sauces and dips, and dressings and garnishes, and in keeping with Digby Law’s Soup, lovely introductions and quotes at the beginning of each chapter:

“Let the sky rain potatoes! Let it thunder to the tune of greensleeves!”

VegetablesIf you’re stuck in a bit of a vegetable rut (which seems to happen more over the winter, when we seem to eat our body weight in starchy root vegetables), this book will inspire and encourage you to try new flavours and cooking methods to makeover your favourite (or perhaps least favourite?) vegetable.

Me? I’m looking forward to trying Tomato Ice Cream (“…splendid if used with cooked prawns, crayfish or raw oysters.”), Radish, Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Salad (“…a dinner course all by itself.”) and Cucumber Pâté (“Excellent at elevenses or with the pre-lunch beer.”)

Thank you, Hachette New Zealand, for providing this review copy.


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