Junk Free June

Right now, I’d do anything for a glass of wine (preferably a shiraz or a pinot gris, but let’s be honest…I’m not fussy) and a block bar square of chocolate.

Tall has been working in Thailand for a week, and rang today to say he has to stay for two days longer than originally planned. Boo. Tiny is tired after a few late nights and busy days, and is a bit sad that daddy won’t be home on Friday. Pickle is grouchy and going through a challenging phase which he can’t seem to shake off, and I’m nursing a sore neck and shoulder which is keeping me awake at night. Boo, boo, boo.

So a glass of wine and bit of chocolate would be rather nice about now…..except I’ve given them up for Junk Free June.I want to whine about the poor timing, and I want you all to console me with sympathetic arm-pats….and then I remember why I’m doing this. I have no right to complain about poor timing; I don’t think anyone who has cancer has ever said, “What excellent timing!”

If you can spare a dollar or two, please sponsor my friends and I and donate to the Cancer Society (NZ)


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