Random Thoughts on Thursday

(I know! It’s been foreverrrrrrr since I last let you into the crazy confines of my over-active mind. I bet you’re excited.)

~ sometimes, you make yourself a cup of tea that it THE BEST CUP OF TEA EVER, so you decide to make a second cup….and it is never ever as good.

~ heat pumps are great, but nothing beats the heat of a wood burning fire. Which we don’t have. Which means a visit to my parents’ sees me hogging the hearth like a heat-seeking cat.

~ Tiny is learning to read at lightning speed, but even better, he is reading with rhythm and inflections and flow, and it is beautiful to listen to.

~ buying new socks is probably the least exciting clothing purchases one can make. Even kids’ socks. Yawn.

~ I have combed Tiny’s hair about five times in the past five years. That’s basically once a year. I’m thinking I should be combing my boys’ hair a bit more often? Yes? Yes.

~ the smell of Persil laundry powder is one of my favourite smells. It reminds me of something from my childhood, and I adore it.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I LOVE buying socks! I just brought 6 new pairs for myself in Korea and loved it, loved them and loved the price.
    5x in 5 years *giggle*
    AND I get you re the cuppa tea!

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