Boys at Play

My boys are both blessed with vivid imaginations, and love nothing better than a bit of role play. Sometimes this involves their Lego or Duplo creations; at other times, the cushions off the couches. They play so nicely together (most of the time), and it warms my heart to hear them make believe so beautifully (most of the time).

I love that they are both so free with it…..yet I struggle with the type of games they play.

Everything is about fighting, guns, baddies, guns, jail, guns, shooting things……guns, did I mention guns???

I know that this is normal play for boys (and some girls), and I know that I should be relieved they are playing together and developing good imaginative skills, but I often find myself pleading, “Can you please stop pretending that’s a gun? Can you please play a gentler game? Why do you always have to shoot things???”

Boys at PlayI guess I just wish that their games weren’t always so loud, so violent (in subject, not physically – they are actually very considerate of each other), in such contrast to their gentle, sweet natures. They are loving and kind, compassionate and cuddly boys, yet you wouldn’t know it, watching and listening to them.

Maybe it’s a fundamental difference in wiring between girls and boys, because Tall isn’t bothered by it at all, and is happy to play along, while I’m cringing in the other room.

Mothers Day 2015Oh, I’ve tried to join in, I’ve tried to laugh at being put in jail (my cushions are always, always on the floor), I’ve tried to be a good bad guy….but I really wish that sometimes, just sometimes, they would be firefighters extinguishing a house, or spacemen blasting off into the universe, or chefs cooking up a storm at the play kitchen.

But then that would be my imaginary play, not theirs, so maybe I just need to suck it up and hope that this is a passing phase…or accept that this is the way life with boys will be.

Hold me.


4 thoughts on “Boys at Play

  1. I dont know what to tell you 🙂 My girls get into phases of play that involve baddies and characters being killed or being dead sometimes and I really dont know where these things come from! Generally it passes (before it comes back around!) for a bit but they are almost always interested in the good guys and the baddies in all topics… maybe it’s a kid thing? something fundamental about good and bad? Hope you dont get put in jail too many more times xx

  2. It’s all about pink and princesses and girly stuff here and teachers and mummies and babies and pink and did I mention princesses.
    And as for Master Z . . . I just wish *sigh* he would play outside or even play! Did I mention screen time addiction, whinging whining 10 year old boys?!

  3. My 3 year old is just the same – he is always pointing his finger & shooting something (we have never given him a gun), & he is always ‘dying’! I am just like you, & cringe; but hubby thinks it is very normal. My girl isn’t like this at all, she will join in with the rough and tumble, but not the shooting. I totally think it is a boy-girl thing!

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