Adult Braces: a 12-month update

Adult Braces: 12mths inWaiting for Rod Stewart with one of my best girls (with gorgeous teeth) xx

It’s been over a year since I had my braces fitted. Apart from a slight ache every now and then, I usually forget that I’m wearing them. Hooking in a couple of tiny rubber bands is second nature, and I think I’ve moved past my intense desire to bite into a crisp, juicy apple. I still wish I could gnaw on a big hunk of raw carrot, but I think I may have been cured of my child-like piggyness regarding chewy jelly sweets. I’m still hesitant to give a big toothy smile in some situations, and always rush to a mirror after eating, but generally, life goes on as normal.

The movement of my teeth has been gradual but quite phenomenal to experience. My bite has changed drastically, and the roof of my mouth has opened up. My palate has always been incredibly narrow, but Tall was surprised when I excitedly told him about my measuring tool: chocolate Lindt balls.

12 months ago, a chocolate Lindt ball (approximately 25mm in diameter) would get stuck in the roof of my mouth and I would dribble like a teething baby wait elegantly for it to melt before being able to move it around. Now, there is a little room to move (still not huge; my jaw is apparently very childlike, just like my feet), which is quite exciting.

At my last orthodontist appointment, my lovely orthodontist said she had six months in which to “tweak” things, which means I might be metal-free September-ish. I’m willing to wear them as long as it takes to perfect my smile, but if she’s right….well, September will see me buying as many apples, carrots, stalks of celery and cobs of corn as I can carry.


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