Book Review: Forged From Silver Dollar

Forged From Silver Dollar – Li Feng
(published by Hachette, April 2015)

Forged From Silver Dollar

  • This was a history lesson interwoven with a personal account. At times I felt as though the historical information took away from the story of Feng’s family, but she always managed to bring the story back and for the most part, the history being told was very relevant to her tale.
  • I love the clever title. Love it. Silver Dollar is Feng’s great-grandmother, and the tale begins with her. Love it.
  • Feng’s style is poetic but plain. I’ve read many novels and historical accounts of life in China, and they all have a similar style which I find incredibly evocative and beautiful…Forged From Silver Dollar is nicely written, but lacks just a little of that beauty, which could simply be due to it being written in English, not translated.
  • I learnt things, and felt like Feng’s account of Mao Ze Dong’s communist China was more honest than many I’ve read before.
  • Feng’s relationship with her mother would strike a chord with many readers – her frustration mingled with respect and love was believably portrayed. She hasn’t made herself out to be the perfect daughter, which is endearing.
  • I liked the portrayal of the women of Feng’s family as strong and resilient, always with the best interests of their children at heart, regardless of how strict or strange their behaviours seemed.
  • I was hooked fairly quickly, and many nights stayed up past my bedtime to read just a little bit more. Forged From Silver Dollar was a good read, and I’ve already passed it on.

Thanks to Hachette New Zealand for my review copy


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