20 Things…

There’s a thing going round Instagram at the moment, where you share 20 things about yourself and tag other people to do the same. It’s been really fascinating learning random things (and remarkable similarities) about some of the lovely people I stalk follow, and I thought I may as well use it as ready blog fodder, seeing as spare time is rare at the moment and my blog has been less than personal of late.

20 Things1/ I never learned to ride a bike or swim. I was always too small for my sister’s hand-me-down bike, and I was afraid of the water.

2/ I would choose giving birth over being pregnant (hence no more babies!). My thoughts are probably clouded by my beautiful waterbirth with Pickle, but still…pregnancy and I are not good friends.

3/ I’m terrified of moths. When my mum was pregnant with me, one flew into her ear.

4/ I first went on a plane aged 22, to Sydney with my boyfriend at the time.

5/ I hate heights but have done a tandem skydive and would do it again in a heartbeat. Even better, I got to do it for free, thanks to the place I was working at the time.

6/ I don’t like even numbers.

7/ I never remember the plots of movies I’ve seen, unless they strike a real chord with me. Or I’ve read the book.

8/ I love words but I loathe Scrabble. Tall loves Scrabble and beats me every time, much to his surprise and delight. He thought I would be really good at it, but I grew up playing with my mum who takes hours to make a word, and my patience for slow players is basically non-existent.

9/ I’m terrible with names but never forget a face. I can often recall where I’ve met or seen someone, what they were wearing, how old we were…but names just don’t stick unless I see them often.

10/ I can’t cope with my own house being a mess, but mess in other people’s houses doesn’t bother me at all. My work spaces always have to be clear and tidy, but I wouldn’t even notice or mind the mess elsewhere. Unless it’s extreme hoarding, and then, I get twitchy.

11/ I’ve been to 24 countries and my feet are constantly itchy. I miss living in London, and popping away into Europe for a weekend. Luckily Pickle and I have a trip to Fiji in May to look forward to, which will satisfy my craving for travel for a little while.

12/ I don’t like sultanas – they are just lazy grapes. Raisins…I’ll barely tolerate them, but sultanas will never be welcome in my home.

13/ I’m fascinated by dreams and the subconscious mind. My own dreams are vivid and crazy.

14/ I’ve never been able to donate blood due to weight requirements, but my hubs donates every 3mths so that makes me feels a bit better about it. He has an in-demand blood type, while mine is the run-of-the-mill variety, but still…I’d like to donate at least once.

15/ I like doing squats. Yep.

16/ Tuis and fantails take my breath away. We have a tui who visits our backyard regularly at the moment (usually on sunny afternoons just before it rains), and I loved watching a group of fantails swoop and play chase in the front yard of my parents’ holiday home.

17/ My favourite sandwich filling is cheese and carrot, bound with a little mayonnaise and a little chutney. Yum.

18/ I always wanted a daughter but now I can’t imagine myself as mama to anything but boys.

19/ I have small feet and can buy kids’ shoe, although sometimes they can be too wide. I’ve never been able to lend or borrow shoes until I became good friends with another small-footed lovely two years ago (I didn’t become her friend so we could share shoes, but it’s a great side-effect!!)

20/ It was a struggle to think of the initial 20 things, but since then, I’ve thought of a few more facts I could have used instead.


3 thoughts on “20 Things…

  1. LOVED reading this Ange .. .. .. 5 & 6 we are the same (except I had to pay 4x LOL) it drives my PT crazy that I’ll only do repetitions of 9 or 11.
    Laughing at sultanas and hey what size are your feet? I’m a 6 or 6.5

  2. Loved reading this! Yes on 10! Yes on Sultanas! but i dont like Raisins either ;( I have itchy feet but haven’t been anywhere really yet! Looking forward to scratching that itch soon! And I love having babies but pregnancy… can come and go ;p xx

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