Book Review: Help! The Wolf is Coming!

Help! The Wolf is Coming! – Cedric Ramadier
(To be released by Gecko Press, May 2015)

Help! The Wolf is Coming!Oh no! The wolf is coming! He’s getting closer and closer – you’d better turn the page, tilt the book, shake it, and then slam it shut.

I could write the world’s shortest book review here: Pickle laughed so hard at this book; go buy it.

Seriously, he almost self-combusted with giggles, and if you could hear those two-and three-quarter-year-old giggles, you would know that this book is good.

It is a great interactive story; I like that it was simply interactive, so Pickle could follow the instructions and begin to predict the consequences. When they are told, on repeat, to treat books with respect, there’s something naughtily-forbidden about shaking, tilting and slamming the pages.

The cyclic nature appeals to both my boys (Tiny got it more quickly than Pickle), and like most children, they like the repetition.

The illustrations (by Vincent Bourgeau) are simple and bold, similar in style to Pickle’s other favourite, The Cake. While Tiny is of an age where he likes illustrations that can be pored over, Pickle still appreciates the simplicity of this style.

Help! The Wolf is Coming! is already a firm favourite in this house, and will be read on repeat for some time.

Review copy kindly provided by the lovely team at Gecko Press.


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