{{FIVE}} Superhero Party

Tiny took less than two seconds to decide that he would like a Superhero Party for his 5th birthday. I have no idea where his current obsession with masked crusaders comes from; he’s never seen a cartoon or movie or comic book featuring any of them, it just seems to be an innate rite of passage for little boys.

However, I was more than happy to roll with his idea – everything about it screamed “easy” and “fun”, which are my favourite words when it comes to party planning. I like having a theme, but I’m certainly not aiming for pin-worthy parties!

Superhero Party Invitation

Steph from Paper & Ink designed these amazing invitations for us; everyone loved them and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

I made these treasure bags out of fabric I found at Spotlight,

Superhero Party3

and the cake was my go-to chocolate mud cake, decorated with fondant and Blokhedz – I finally found a use for them!

Superhero Cake

I bought Batman and Superman duct tape, and POW washi tape from Warehouse Stationery, and used them to decorate paper plates and cups. The masks were also purchased there, for the grand price of $2 per pack of eight; I was going to make masks but couldn’t have made them for that price.

Superhero party

Games were chosen by Tiny: a treasure hunt, and Catch the Villain, using cans of Silly String, aka Spiderman Spray. Both were simple and fun for this age – they are old enough to play a couple of organised games, but prefer to race around and make their own fun.

Superhero party Superhero Party2 Superhero Party IMG_6842

Tall had fun playing the Villain, and all the kids seemed to have a fun time. Tiny is insistent that he’s going to have a superhero party for his 6th birthday too, so it’s fair to say he had a great time too.


3 thoughts on “{{FIVE}} Superhero Party

  1. Loved this simple party idea! My son is trying to decide between Spider-Man and Dinosaur themes at the moment. I love the easy plates and cups idea 🙂

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