Book Review: Touch

Touch – Claire North
(Published 24 February 2015)

Touch - Claire North

The first switch happened just before I died.
As my life ebbed away, I reached out to my killer. Suddenly I was seeing the world through his eyes.
The more I switched, the easier it became.
I am Kepler. And I could be you.

Intense from the very beginning, Touch had me hooked from the first page. It is one of those books that permeates every thought during the day; the kind of book that makes you turn your light off much too late at night, and makes you late for the kindy drop-off in the morning.

The concept is fascinating, and very well constructed. I like North’s style of writing – elements of humour, history and sensitivity are woven into a compelling story. I also like that a lot of the background happenings are implied, leaving room for the reader to picture what they will and ignore what they won’t.

I really enjoyed the main character; I was impressed by the ghost’s integrity and intensity of human feeling. I found it interesting that not all ghosts were as morally likeable, which served to be a constant reminder that not every living person is, either.

I’ve already passed this book on to a friend, insisting she must read it immediately. As for you, well…you should find yourself a copy and read it immediately, too.

Review copy kindly provided by Hachette New Zealand.


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