Tiny turns five

My biggest baby turned {{five}} today.
Five is so big yet still so small, but the changes it brings are huge.
After the Easter holidays, he will start school, and everything will be different.
I know that it will be amazing and that he is ready for this, but I also know that he is suddenly very aware that everything will be different too.
Yesterday he cried, and my heart broke as he sobbed about how he won’t see his friends anymore. We wept together in the car after kindy.
How do you explain to a five-year-old that you can still be friends with people even if you don’t see them every day? That can be so hard even as an adult, but somewhere along the way we must just understand that those threads bind us to our friends no matter how close or how far we are.

Tiny turns five

Tiny turning {{five}} also means we have been fumbling our way through this parenting thing for five years now.
I think we’re doing okay so far, if Tiny is anything to go by.
He’s awesome.
He is kind, caring, funny, smart, compassionate, empathetic and generous.
He loves his friends and his little brother; he enjoys his own company, but will happily engage with anyone.

Tiny turns five


Happy birthday, my biggest baby


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