Breakfast al frescoMaking: plans for Tiny’s birthday party at the end of the month
Cooking: cajun chicken with smashed sweet potato
Drinking: white rose tea
Reading: The Bonesetter’s Daughter, by Amy Tan
Wanting: a good night’s sleep
Looking: more like myself after a DIY hair dying session with friends

First day of kindyPlaying: memory with Tiny
Deciding: on a menu for Tiny’s birthday party
Wishing: time would slow down a little
Enjoying: a hot day at the start of autumn
Waiting: on the twinge in my neck and shoulder to go away
Liking: British telly shows

BrothersWondering: what I will do when I have to go back to work
Loving: the proliferation of my zucchini and strawberry plants, in the first season I’ve tried to grow either
Pondering: the last few weeks at term for Tiny
Buying: party supplies
Hoping: for fine weather for the rest of the week
Needing: more sleep

Double rainbow, Dunedin, NZQuestioning: the purpose of flies
Noticing: how filthy our windows are
Thinking: we really need to clean our windows
Sorting: through the boys’ clothes and toys to give to my sister-in-law
Disliking: two-and-a-half-year-old tantrums over everything and nothing
Opening: the pantry to search for treats
Feeling: grouchy
Snacking: on too much chocolate and not enough fruit
Hearing: the boys tip out a bag full of toy cars…aallllllll over the dining room floor…yay

(List abbreviated from Taking Stock over at Meet Me At Mike’s)


2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I just love these lists and oh me oh my that photo of the boys with the sunglasses – cute cute cute! Amazing what a good hair cut/hair colour will do for the ole happy factor hey

  2. Ahhh life – looks like lots of contemplation going on and reflection… time and kidlets go by so quickly… hope you get to savour as much as you can xx

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