Book Review: Max’s Bath, Max’s Wagon & Max’s Bear.

Oh, how we giggled when we read Barbro Lindgren’s delightful board books back-to-back. How we laughed at Max’s adventures – and misadventures – with his beloved bear and his faithful Dog. How I sighed at adorable Max and his expressive wee toddler’s face…

Max’s Bath captures the wonderful playtime that having a bath can (and should!) be; everything ends up in the water, including a very reluctant Dog, and Max is in his element. Bathtime is more about playing than getting clean in this household, so both my boys grin from ear-to-ear at Max’s antics.

Maxs Bath
Max’s Bear
shows the fun a child can have with one simply toy – and his Dog! Pickle cackles hysterically as Max kisses, bites and throws Bear…actions that appeal hugely to a two-and-a-half-year-old boy.

Maxs Bear
Max’s Wagon sees Max loading his favourite things – yes, including Dog! – into his little wagon and attempting to get outside with a full load. Dog faithfully rescues every item that falls out, but when he attempts to rescue Max’s cookie…well, suffice to say that Tiny shrieked in delight when he quickly realised what happened to that delicious treat!

Maxs Wagon
These books are so much fun to read, with simple language, gorgeous illustrations and concepts that are both appealing and identifiable. I’m already planning on buying the series as gifts for some little people that I know would appreciate and be delighted by these.

Thank you, Gecko Press, for these delightful review copies!


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