Book Review: Where is Pim?

Pim wants to fly.

So does the dog.

Suddenly Pim is gone!

Where is Pim?

If Lena and Olof Landström could have seen the looks on my children’s faces when we saw Where is Pim?, I’d like to think they’d throw down their pencils, lean back in their chairs and cry, “Our work here is done!”

Where is PimTo say that Tiny and Pickle were excited to see a new a story featuring loveable Pom and best friend Pim is a major understatement; Tiny basically threw himself up our front steps in his haste to see the story, and didn’t bat an eyelid at the bruised knee he gained for his enthusiasm.

I don’t know whether it’s the simple illustrations that convey so much of the story, or the economy of text, but the husband-and-wife duo are onto a winning formula with these stories. They are funny, exciting and bold; so much happens in so few pages, told with so few words.

My boys love Where is Pim? as much as they love Pim and Pom; our review copy arrived just last week and it is already showing signs of being well-thumbed. Interestingly, the release information states this will be great for fans of Knuffle Bunny, which is a book my boys simply loooooove.

Thank you, Gecko Press, for another gorgeous book that my boys adore.


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